Benefits of Artificial Grass

Why choose artificial grass...

So what exactly are the main benefits of artificial grass? It’s a simple question, but one we get asked a lot here at Cheshire Artificial Grass! Whether you’re a family wanting to fall back in love with your garden again or a hospitality venue looking to revamp your outdoor area, the benefits of artificial grass truly are unbounded.

There are many benefits of artificial grass, below is a summary of the main ones (we think you’ll like them):

Still not convinced about the advantages of artificial grass? Our blog is a helpful place to find out more in depth information about artificial grass. For example, our Artificial Grass vs Real Grass has all the pros and cons of both which might answer some of the questions you are currently debating. 

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Who will benefit most from having artificial grass installed?

A couple of years ago, you might only have associated artificial grass with playgrounds, AstroTurf, or green grocers. Well, not anymore! These days there’s a huge demand for our synthetic grass from all kinds of people. The quality of artificial grass has improved ten fold over recent years. Sometimes its really hard to distinguish artificial from natural grass (apart from the lack of mud and weeds.

From families to businesses to tradesmen – there’s an artificial turf for everyone’s project and needs, but how can you benefit?


If you’re a family with kids and a busy schedule, artificial grass is the perfect low-maintenance alternative to real grass. Just think of all the time spent, mowing and de-weeding, never getting anywhere. Precious time that you could spend making life long memories with your children on your new artificial lawn.

The retired community 

You’ve paid your dues and put in some serious lawn-mowing time over the years! Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your golden years without having to worry about a lawn that’s turning brown or becoming overgrown. Artificial lawns are becoming increasingly popular with elderly customers, thanks to the fact it’s so easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.

Pet lovers 

Our furry friends are a big part of our lives – but that doesn’t mean we don’t get pretty annoyed when they’re digging big holes in our back garden! With synthetic turf, you can say goodbye to unwanted holes, as well as muddy paw prints in the house. Not to mention that there is no need for harmful pesticides, allowing your pets to roam the garden freely. Your pets will love it and they’ll hardly be able to tell the difference.

Commercial businesses 

Whether you’re an office looking to create a cool break-out area indoors, or a bar owner looking to revamp your outdoor smoking area, here at Cheshire Artificial Grass we have the perfect synthetic grass for your project and vision.


Are you an external company looking for grass for supply purposes? Well, look no further than our unbeatable products here at Cheshire Artificial Grass. We only stock the best of the best, so we won’t let you down – meaning you won’t let your customers down either. We also offer a competitive trade discount and deals for repeat custom.

As much as we absolutely love artificial grass, there are also a couple of reasons why artificial grass might not be suitable for your lifestyle or project.

Before you buy, you should also consider if any of these points we be an issue for you:

It’s an investment, not a bargain – For those looking to do up their outdoor space on the cheap, natural grass is often less expensive than an artificial lawn. That’s because of the high quality and durable materials used, as well as the installation cost. An artificial option won’t be suitable for everyone’s project budget. Luckily, Cheshire Artificial Grass offers all of our products at fair and competitive prices that won’t break the bank which can be cost effective in the long run. 

No fresh-cut grass smell – Bad news for those who love this particular summer scent, but great news for hayfever sufferers!

Longer installation time – Artificial grass takes longer to install compared to natural grass due to the meticulous process of fitting it, but trust us, it will be worth the wait!

So whether it’s for your front garden or back, a balcony or an outdoor area for your commercial venue – get in touch with our friendly team of artificial grass experts today at Cheshire Artificial Grass.

We’ll be able to give you the very best advice on your installation and match you to your perfect synthetic grass products, as well as explain the particular benefits for your unique project.

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