5 Garden Activities to do with the Family this Christmas
Christmas in the Garden

Don’t just stay inside this year, enjoy the outdoors with the family by getting involved in some festive garden activities 

As the nights get darker and the snow starts to fall, it’s safe to say being outside isn’t our first choice. Instead, we choose to get cosy in front of the fire with a nice Christmas film on the TV and watch the snow fall through the window. Well, this year we think it’s time to mix things up. 

Here at Cheshire Artificial Grass, we provide people with season-proof gardens that they can use all year round… including winter. Meaning they are able to enjoy and experience all the magic winter brings to Christmas without the worry of mud or mess. So, wrap up warm, fill up those flasks and get the family outside this Christmas with our top five festive garden activities. 

Activity One – Decorate a Bird Feeding Christmas Tree  

One of the most traditional, beloved activities at Christmas is getting out the tree and decorating it with baubles, and tinsel and not to forget the chocolate treats. But who says you can only decorate one tree? Why not, this year get outside and share the Christmas spirit with the birds, by decorating a tree in your garden? You can make edible ordainments that don’t only look festive, but wildlife can enjoy. Just make sure you pick the perfect tree that the birds can sit on.  

Here are a few ideas of edible ordainments your family can make: 

  • Pinecone Feeders – Get your pinecones and smear a load of peanut butter on them. Once fully covered roll them around in birdseeds making sure you leave no inch uncovered.  
  • Popcorn Strings – All you need is a pack of plain popcorn, a needle, and a string. Then you can carefully thread all the pieces of popcorn onto the string using the needle, making sure that there is a knot at each end, so they don’t all fall off.  
  • Hang Apples or Pears – A simple yet effective idea is to attach an apple or a pear to a piece of string and just let them hang from the tree.  
  • Suet Baubles – Either make the suet mix yourself or buy it from a shop and just shape it into Christmas objects. Once hardens, hang it on easy to access branches for the birds to nibble.  

Christmas Tree Bird Feeder

Activity Two – Build a Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? And the answer should always be YES! This is one of the most iconic activities of the Christmas season, to the point where we wish and wait for the snow to fall. We know you know how to make a snowman but here are what accessories you will need to bring your snowman to life:

  • Stones for the eyes and mouth.
  • Sticks to give your snowman huggable arms.
  • Scarf and hat to keep them warm as they stand outside.
  • Carrot for the nose.

Build a Snowman

Activity Three – Create Snow Angels

Snow is falling all around us and what better way to get the whole family out in the garden than to make snow angels? These are beautiful, creative ways to capture the growth of the family year on year. Whether it is the family photo or a comparison of each child to the year before. To make an effective snow angel there needs to be a good amount of snow, and you must wrap up fully in warm, waterproof clothing. After all, it’s not worth getting ill over. Then just lie down and wave your arms up and down to create your very own snow angel. Don’t forget to snap a picture for the records.

Making Snow Angels

Activity Four – Snowball Fight

It’s that time of the year again, to get your gloves on and step back onto the battlefield. Snowball fights are the perfect way to bring together family, friends or even neighbours. Set up your stations, create your snowballs, and let the war begin.

Christmas Snowball Fight

Activity Five – Christmas Present Hunt

To build the excitement for Santa coming, why not create a mini present hunt in your garden. These could be little stocking fillers, placed by the elves who have been spying all year round. This is fun for all the family and perfect way to get the kids outside during the winter period. Make sure you wrap up warm and have hot chocolate ready for the end. We recommend hiding the present around your garden and writing out clues from the elves to direct the player to where the presents are. The prize is to open the present.

Christmas Present Hunt

As nice as it is to stay warm indoors, getting outside and moving can be really beneficial to keep the family connected and active. As well as, build up the excitement for Christmas. So, get outside this December and start the Christmas festivities early!

Worried about the mess? Make being outside in the winter that little bit easier with artificial grass. Get in touch today to see how we can transform your garden this winter.




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