4 Amazing Artificial Grass Small Garden Ideas
Photo of graphic with the title 4 amazing artificial grass small garden ideas.

Designing your garden can be hard – especially when you’ve not got much to work with… But your small space does not need to go unloved, there are some fairly quick (and easy) solutions to spice up your garden, creating the perfect outdoor oasis, no matter the size. We’re going to show you 4 amazing artificial grass small garden ideas that will transform garden, with a little help from some imaginative thinking and good design.

Idea no. 1 – Activities & Games Inspired…


Creating the perfect garden looks different to everyone. When it comes to your garden, who’s to say what you can or can’t have? Maybe that looks like having something unique, fun and interactive like a putting green? Maybe you already have a goal in the garden, but it’s left your grass looking a bit neglected?  Creating an artificial space is the perfect solution.

Artificial grass is great for gardens that see a lot of sports action because it won’t get patchy or tired from overplaying. You can transform your outside space in to a sporting haven that can be both stylish and fun – who says you can’t have it all?

Photo of an artificial grass small garden putting green.

Quick tips for an artificial grass small garden sports pitch:

  • Use a grass with a shorter pile and stronger fibres. Such as our Kingsley 25mm.
  • Position any goals, putting holes strategically to open up your lawn and not close it off.

Idea no. 2 – Angles and Geometrics Focused…

We get it, some gardens are just awkwardly shaped that it almost makes it not worth addressing. We are here to tell you, that is not the case! If you have an outdoor space, we can work with it. 

With the right design, you can create a bit of drama that makes your once awkward garden a bit of a statement. Adding contrast and highlighting different parts of your misshapen lawn can lead to creating a sense of a more open and inviting space. Meaning, you can get the full potential out of your garden. 

Using artificial grass is a great way to accentuate your small garden. It is a lot less susceptible to damage. A small garden can be made more daunting by muddy, patchy or generally dishevelled grass. With artificial grass, all of that is gone. Instead you get a great, unique, and much loved garden. 

Photo of a small triangle artificial grass garden.

Quick tips for small awkwardly shaped back garden ideas:

  • Use artificial grass to create a more open feel in your garden. Accentuating certain angels will give a bigger feel to your outdoor space.
  • Using taller plants can help your garden feel bigger by creating zones in your small garden.

Idea no. 3 – Clean, Cute, Classy…

Sometimes your little outdoor space doesn’t need a lot of imagination to know that it’s a winner… It gets the sun, it’s a great shape, it just needs a bit of love. Maybe it’s a little awkward but you want a nice space to relax in.

Either way, sometimes nothing beats a classic, minimal yet well considered garden. Think, a bit of grass to lay on, a bit of patio to BBQ on, maybe some outdoor furniture to get comfy… all of this is very possible, despite not having the grounds of Buckingham Palace as your garden. 

Fairy lights, flower pots and some cute furniture can be a simple yet effective way to transform your small garden space to something you may never want to leave. 

Photo of a artificial grass small garden with flower beds and shed.

Quick tips for cute, clean artificial grass small gardens ideas:

  • Less is more; accessorising with just a few things can help make your garden feel tidy and clean. As well as more spacious and calming. 
  • Investing in some artificial grass can help create a sense of open space. It is also handy in smaller gardens as it won’t grow out or become unruly, keeping your cute garden looking fresh all the time. 

Idea no. 4 – Modern and Jazzy…

Let your garden be an external expression of yourself and go crazy! Go down the rabbit hole and enter a wonderful world with bold, imaginative features which will create a sense of escapism for yourself and your soul. 

Certain tricks can create a modern style, or give your small garden a sense of funk, such as adding patterned furniture or throwing in some exotic plants. Artificial grass can be a great addition to a funky garden because it does what it’s told. It won’t grow and ruin the design, keeping your quirky, one of a kind lawn looking perfect all year round.  

Photo of a modern small garden with chairs and a path.

Quick tips for modern and jazzy artificial grass small garden ideas:

  • Add bright patterns to create focus and add colour to your garden space. You can then contrast these with clean, modern pieces to create more depth.
  • Think clean lines and blocking, this will help create a modern feel in your small back garden space. Using artificial grass can be extremely useful for modern garden design as the lines intended will keep.

However you choose to re-vamp your small garden space, artificial grass could be a real game-changer for you! If you have a small area to cover or have a creative idea for using artificial grass in your garden, look at our artificial grass offcuts.  You can read more about artificial grass vs real grass. is better, or simply get in touch to see how we can help you design your perfect small garden space.