3 Reasons to Get Artificial Grass Installed into your Garden this Autumn.
Get Artificial Grass this Autumn.

Our gardens go through many changes in Autumn, so why not make one more?

As the leaves on the trees begin to fall, we say goodbye to the summer sun and hello to the autumn breeze. It’s the season when nights darken and temperatures cool, ready for more time spent with your family and friends. This may be more likely to be inside than out, but it doesn’t mean you should forget about your garden until the weather warms up again. Autumn is the season of change, and we think artificial grass should be one of them.

Autumn leaves showing the colour changing.

Whether you didn’t get the chance in summer to transform your garden or you managed to spend too much time in it, autumn is the perfect season to take action and make those all-important changes to your garden. Why? Read our top 3 reasons below, and get inspired this autumn.

1.  The Best Conditions are in Autumn.

In the summer’s heat and the winter’s freeze, the ground can become harder and difficult to work with. This could lead to longer lead times as work may be delayed, and you may not be able to get exactly what you want. Autumn tends to bring softer ground as the temperatures get cooler and more rain starts to fall. The ground becomes more malleable, which eases the digging-off process and makes getting your desired shape for the lawn that little bit easier. Later in Autumn, the softer ground starts turning into a boggy, muddy, mess that gets dragged in and out of your house every time someone goes into the garden. Even messier if you own dogs! Installing artificial grass earlier in the season can have benefits for the malleable ground to work with, whilst removing the muddy problems before they occur. Keeping the garden and the house picture-perfect, all year round.

Autumn leaves and moss on garden floor.

Additionally, your garden is already on a decline in Autumn with trees and plants shedding their leaves. Getting work done during this time reduces any risk of damaging any beautiful plants that surround your lawn and therefore preserving what is yet to develop as well.

2.  Low Maintenance.

As we all know, winter is freezing, and spending time outside in the cold is not something that most of us are fans of. However, gardens need a lot of TLC to thrive and look the part. This means being outside in the cold, tending to plants and completing general garden maintenance. Otherwise, the beautiful garden we want to spend time in during the spring/summer will be a mess. Being one step ahead of the game and getting your natural lawn replaced with artificial grass in autumn, will help reduce your winter garden maintenance. Therefore, allowing you to spend more time in the warm indoors and keep your beautiful-looking garden, ready for summer next year.

3.  More Likely to have Time in Autumn.

When you think about getting work completed in your garden, spring and summertime naturally come to mind, and this is the case for everyone else as well! When demand is this high, lead times increase for companies that are specialists or are professionals in certain fields. Artificial grass is no exception! Due to the nature and the skill required to fit artificial grass professionally, many companies, including ourselves, tend to be booked up for spring/summer before it even starts. This may lead to your garden being left for another year as you haven’t managed to get it done in time for those welcoming, sun rays. By getting an installation complete in autumn, you may find you are more likely to get a professional service and a shorter lead time. Besides, you will have more time, so there is no feeling of panic or urgency to have the garden ready for summer. That way when spring/summer comes around, you can just sit back and enjoy your forward-thinking with all your family and friends.

If you are looking to have the perfect, low-maintenance garden ready for those warmer seasons, our advice is to start now. Our team at Cheshire Artificial Grass have worked on all kinds of projects over our 20 years’ of experience! If you’re looking to transform an area of your own, then feel free to get in touch and put our expertise to use. By starting now, you can skip the rush and your dream garden will be more of a reality. And discover our autumn garden survival guide.




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