10 ways to look after your artificial grass

Keep your grass looking beautiful

Artificial Grass is a low-maintenance option and will make life easier. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require some maintenance. Giving the grass some TLC will help ensure the grass looks good and lasts long.

Look below where we have pinpointed 10 ways to look after your artificial grass garden and keep it looking beautiful all year. We always recommend getting a maintenance or two every year to help keep your garden looking fresh.

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How to look after your grass

1) It sounds crazy, but sometimes these things need spelling out – don’t ride cars, motorbikes or any other vehicles over your artificial grass.  However, wheelchairs and wheelbarrows are fine.

2) Be careful with chewing gum. It can cause lots of problems if it gets on your artificial grass. Like getting it stuck in your hair. the only way may mean cutting it out. Unlike hair, artificial grass can’t grow back.

3) As with artificial lawns, clear away all sharp objects such as broken glass, which can tear into the grass and damage it.

4) Fire. This one may not be so obvious if your previous lawn was natural grass but bonfires, cigarette ash, sparklers, and even fireworks – can damage the surface, so keep well away.

5) Likewise with BBQs… keep them safely on patio surfaces. Trust us, you don’t want to have to replace your whole artificial lawn for the sake of a BBQ. That would turn out to be a costly party.

6) If you get marks on your lawn, work quickly to remove them.  Use washing-up liquid dissolved into warm water to create a soapy mixture, to clean your artificial greaa.  Mineral spirits might be used for more stubborn stains. If you have any offcuts from your installation, we always recommend testing any strong cleaning products to ensure no damage will be done to the grass.

7) You shouldn’t get issues with weeds in your artificial grass, but persistent ones may poke through.  Therefore, you always keep your lawn free of weeds and surface debris. Fallen leaves, can mulch down and lead to the build-up of organic material within the lawn, affecting drainage. Rotten leaves can also assist weed growth, so ensure all weeds are removed with a water-based weed treatment.

A common question is “Can you clean artificial grass with washing-up liquid?”. The simple answer is yes. If you plan to use any harsher chemicals, we recommend using an offcut or sample to test the chemical before, or you may hurt your lawn.

8) Many artificial grass owners have pets – it’s an ideal garden solution. However, ensure you always clear up after them. In some cases, this can stain the lawn. 

9) Lightly brush the lawn, as you would your hair after a visit to the hairdresser… although in this case, with a medium soft bristle brush.  This should be done regularly in the first two months, as the lawn beds in and settles.  After that it should be brushed once a month, to ensure that the turf is lush and bouncy while encouraging it to stand upright.

10) Artificial grass is great for football and many other games. If the artificial surface is for sports use, regularly hose it down to stop the impact of sweat, skin… even blood, of those sports people playing on the surface.

It’s a case of little… but often. Take these few simple steps and you will see the benefit of your care and maintenance, ensuring the lawn shines throughout the year! Looking after artificial grass is easy especially if you follow our steps

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Look after your install and it will last for years to come!

Are you based in the North-West of England? If so, check out our maintenance service, so you don’t have to do the work yourself. We can keep your artificial grass looking fresh all year round.